Solar Inverter; Installation and Setup

Solar Inverter System: Basic
and Advanced Concept

An intensive look into the Basic and Advanced setup and configuration of Solar Inverter systems.

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What you’ll Learn!

  • Know and understand the difference between pure sinewave, approximate and quasi-sinewave inverters.
  • Understand how to deliver a solar panel and inverter installation.
  • Know and understand the specifications of solar and inverter systems and how to apply these specifications
  • Know and understand inverter batteries, specifications of batteries and battery technology.
  • Know and understand the calculations involving inverter load and power estimations.
  • Know, understand and differentiate between the mono-crystalline and the polycrystalline solar panels.
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Course Description

The layman’s understanding of solar energy is that it absorbs the sun rays and converts it to electricity. It is definitely not that simple, which is why at cloud security technology, we would be task your mind with lessons on installation and maintenance of solar and inverter technology. Our aim is that by the end of the training, a participant would be well versed practically.

The solar and inverter training will cover all aspects of solar energy and how to apply the various skills acquired during this training.

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