CCTV and Surveillance

CCTV and Surveillance System: Basic
and Advanced Concept

An intensive look into the Basic and Advanced setup and configuration of Surveillance systems.

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What you’ll Learn!

  • An extensive look at front-end devices, transmission, back-end etc..
    How to run a full installation of both analog and IP systems.
  • An extensive look at the concept of remote view and other software operations

    as required by CCTV systems to function properly.

  • How to successfully complete remote backup and create a CCTV

    Network design.

  • How to transmit footage over long distances.
  • How to Successfully setup and configure a NAS.
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Course Description

Our Security and Surveillance training is tailored such that regardless of the potential trainee’s level of exposure and experience in this field, they are still exposed to new information as well as foundation knowledge in the diverse areas that make up a complete Security and Surveillance system. This course outline has also been designed in a such a way that participants without prior knowledge in this field would emerge as champions in this field. 

With experience spanning over 10 years, our trainers transfer knowledge based on countless hours of problem resolution, extensive trouble-shooting and project completion. So our trainees are assured of the nitty gritty in understanding the basis behind how surveillance cameras operate optimally. Although we represent the number one security and surveillance brand in the world, Hikvision, the content of this training produces individuals proficient in successfully installing, configuring and trouble-shooting any major or minor brands in the world. 

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