Access Control

Access Control System: Basic
and Advanced Concept

An intensive look into the Basic and Advanced setup and configuration of Access Control systems.

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What you”ll Learn

  • How to successfully conduct a site survey to the requirements of the British and European standards and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).
  • How to select correct power supplies and electronic components with appropriate test equipment.
  • How to successfully install stand alone access control systems and select the correct lock apparatus.
  • An extensive look at programming access control software.
  • Foundation basics involved in installing networked access control systems.
  • How to design professionally tailored system and prepare specification unique to each installation requirement.
  • Differentiate between insecure and secure Access systems.
  • Tactically determine the Stages of Access Control (Identification, Decision and Action).




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Course Description

Covering site surveying and system design, the course will provide you with the fundamentals skills to design, install, operate, repair, maintain and commission fully networked access control systems that are ready to meet the challenges of the modern world. This course has no prerequisites and is aimed specifically, though not exclusively, at those wishing to change their careers. 

An effective Access Control System can form an integral part of an effective security system. At Cloudtech our course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of the operation and installation of Access Control Systems at a foundation level. Our experience has taught us that in order to gain the required skills a large percentage this Access Control Training course dedicated to building, setting-up, testing and trouble-shooting faults using core elements of modern Access Control Systems. At the end of the course an interested and hardworking participant will have a good solid foundation knowledge of what access control is all about. 


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